The Championship – 26th & 27th April

It’s that time of year when everyone says “they need to win, so they will win…” This normally creates some good betting opportunities as teams don’t win simply because they ‘need’ to. With that in mind I’m laying four who need to win for various reasons this weekend and keeping the reasoning simple.

Leicester City v Watford

Leicester aren’t that good, they’re defiantly not good enough to be 2.0x in this match. They have one win in 11 going back to the 2nd March! Watford have been inconsistent of late but they are still in better from than The Foxes. Leicester should be a minimum of 2.3x here so they have to be taken on.

[symple_box color=”green” text_align=”center” width=”100%” float=”none”]Lay Leicester City at 2.06 – Betfair[/symple_box]

Blackburn Rovers v Crystal Palace

I want Palace to win this but I just don’t think they will. They are looking scared at the moment and seriously lacking in confidence. For them to be given a 37% chance of winning this is just ridiculous. Blackburn aren’t a great side but they have won 3 of their last 6, compared to a Palace side who haven’t won in 7 and 2 away win since November. I would have Palace priced around the 3.10 mark minimum.

[symple_box color=”green” text_align=”center” width=”100%” float=”none”]Lay Crystal Palace at 2.64 – Betfair[/symple_box]

Bristol City v Huddersfield Town

This game is priced up on the belief that Bristol City just don’t care and Huddersfield ‘have’ to win. That may be true but do they really have a 40% chance of winning this? My answer is no so I’m taking them on.

[symple_box color=”green” text_align=”center” width=”100%” float=”none”]Lay Huddersfield Town at 2.50 – Betfair[/symple_box]

Leeds United v Brighton

Brighton have won 3 of their last 10, admittedly they were impressive last weekend but does that really give them a 42.74% chance of winning this? Yes, Leeds may have nothing to play for but they’ve won 2 from 3 under Brian McDermott and I’m sure he or the Elland Road crowd will not be happy if they roll over for Brighton.

[symple_box color=”green” text_align=”center” width=”100%” float=”none”]Lay Brighton at 2.34 – Betfair[/symple_box]

[symple_box color=”green” text_align=”center” width=”100%” float=”none”]*Bet365 are offering 7.67 on all of those lays coming in using their Double Chance coupon[/symple_box]


Running out of time to land the life changing bet but I’ll keep going. This weekend BetVictor are offering over 580,000/1

Millwall v Forest – Draw
Barnsley v Hull – Draw
Bristol City v Huddersfield – Draw

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