Hungarian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton qualified in pole position again for the fourth time this season and the third time in a row. However he hasn’t converted any of those into wins yet. In the three previous races where he has started on pole he has only managed one podium, that was in China where he finished third and only 0.2 seconds ahead of Vettel in fourth.

The main reason that Mercades haven’t been able to convert their qualifying pace into race wins is due to tyre degradation. Judging by the comments Hamilton made after qualifying they still haven’t got over them. Hungary is one of the hottest races of the year with track temperatures in the mid-40s. That along with constant corners will not help their rear tyres.

Behind Hamilton on the grid he has Vettel and Grosjean, who are both in cars that handle their tyres better. Barring accidents I expect both of them to finish ahead of Hamilton. It’s then a case of who else can overtake him. Alonso has put up solid performances this season, with five podium finishes, despite not having qualifying pace. Raikkonen has also been managing his tyres well this season so I see no reason why he cannot finish ahead of Hamilton too. I would have Hamilton at a minimum price of 3.50 for a podium here so I’m happy to take him on.

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