US Open Round Up

Now the dust has settled on the US Open for another year I can take a look back at it and see what I done well what I could have improved on. The first thing of note was that I made a profit, of around 2% Return on Turnover, which is way down when compared to Wimbledon and lower than the 7% I was aiming for, the reasons for this are;

  • Rain delays which meant a number of interesting games were all being played at the same time, therefore it was difficult to trade.
  • The second week became very uncompetitive on paper and pre-match prices didn’t attract me to staying up through the night, looking for opportunities.

This caused me to only play the two outright markets and eight matches, about half of what I did at Wimbledon.

I also traded the Simona Halep match like an idiot on my first day. I backed her at various positions whereby my book went from level greens to red, back to greens and it finally settled on me effectively being on Halep at 3.00. She then broke Pennetta to move to 1.4x, no at this point I should of stuck to my rules of WTA betting and levelled my green but I didn’t, maybe because I wasn’t in the right frame of mind after watching a four and a half hour rain delay.

At the end of he day though 2% ROT is a profit, I probably should of made more but it’ll pay for a night out.

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