X Factor Live Show 1

My speculative plays on my outright book aren’t in great shape to be honest. I’m not heavily involved and it reads as below;

Lorna Simpson +249.10
Abi Alton +198.30
Tamera Foster -11.90
The Field -56.90

There’s still time to add and take away from these positions and if I do go into the win market again it will be to take on Sam Bailey and Hannah Barrett. I’m really looking forward to taking Hannah on in the later stages of the competition for the simple reason that everybody who I speak to from London and the surrounding areas actually can’t stand her. This is typical of what the people of Croydon are saying about her…

I have the below as my final finishing order and I have tried to factor in the Strictly Come Dancing Cross-over and bottom two bounce factor as much as possible.

1. Tamera Foster
2. Kingsland Road
3. Nicholas McDonald
4. Sam Bailey
5. Rough Copy
6. Hannah Barrett
7. Sam Callahan
8. Abi Alton
9. Luke Friend
10. Lorna Simpson
11. Shelly Smith
12. Miss Dynamix

Hannah looks primed fro the week 7 ‘shock’, I think by that time everybody will be bored of her story and the tears. I’ve already alluded to why I don’t think Sam Bailey can’t win in my previous write-up.

In terms of week one Lorna is the worthy favourite to go a she has basically had no airtime, lags miles behind on twitter followers and was pictured in the press with a shotgun and in a sex tape about gang culture. However at prices of less than 2/1 (3.00) I can’t be backing her, she may finish bottom of the vote however with the news that one of Miss Dynamix is five months pregnant I can see the producers wanting to cut them lose sooner rather than later. I expect the running order to go Group, Over, Boy, Girl and so on in that pattern. My prediction for the first four acts to perform is Miss Dynamix, Lorna Simpson, Luke Friend and Hannah Barrett. The first three acts will clashing with Strictly Come Dancing so are already at a disadvantage. I’d be very surprised if we didn’t get bottom town consisting of two of the first three acts to perform. If that’s the case and Lorna does find herself in the bottom two I can see her being saved as she paints Tamera in a softer light, which could prove useful the further the show goes on.

The value call this week is for Miss Dynamix to be cut loose, with a member who is five months pregnant they could cause issues as the show goes on, especially with no wildcards this year they could cause complications. It’s also unlikely they will be able to go on the X Factor tour next year.

[symple_box color=”green” text_align=”center” width=”100%” float=”none”]
Back Miss Dynamix 1st Elimiation at 10.0 – Stan James

I did manage to get £45 at 10.0 (9/1) with Ladbrokes, wanted more but they limited me to that and have since then cut the price.


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