X Factor Live Show 3

I woke up this morning and found that YouWin were offering 1.80 on Miss Dynamix, who finished bottom of the vote on Saturday night, to be the next eliminated. I took some of it and hopefully a few others did as the price is now 1.07. As I’ve said in the previous two weeks they’ll be gone once they hit the bottom two. So If you want to make more interest in an evening than the banks will pay you in about three years just back Miss Dynamix to be the next eliminated at 1.13 with Betfred.

Who will join them is interesting, there are three candidates;

Sam Callahan

Singing from slot two, he would have had half his performance seen by the people switching over from strictly come dancing. However those viewers aren’t his main demographic. I actually thought he sung well in the main part and he’s improving through the series. He has the largest number of twitter followers and he’s always on there asking for votes. However his performance from yesterday has the lowest number of youtube views.

If you believe that Rough Copy are a big hitter and the Alpha group then Sam is in trouble, with being on in the Croydon sandwich of them and Hannah. I am however taking the view that if  he can turn his teenage girl twitter following into votes he’ll be safe for another week (just).

Abi Alton

Abi was ‘bullied’ by the judges after her performance which prompted tears. She’s been labelled as boring, but she got a sympathetic VT showing her having fun with Nicole and at the Thor premier. However Abi did put in another poor performance with Moon River. She literally has no confidence, however I think that a regional vote and tears will see her avoid the bottom two this weekend. The best bet for Abi will be to back her to go next weekend as Disco week will be a car crash for her. They’ve changed it from the usual Halloween week and I think that they’ve done this so that they can get rid of her. They can see she’s not marketable and is apparently a disruptive influence in the house. Providing she avoids the bottom two this week she’s a shoe in to go next.

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Back Abi Alton WEEK FOUR elimination at 2.50+ when market opens tonight

Rough Copy

I don’t really get Rough Copy, what are they trying to be? They look and act like they should be an urban act but they sing slow songs and don’t make them go anywhere. In week one they sung In The Air Tonight and everybody was waiting for the Cadbury’s gorilla to make an appearance and improve the performance. In week two they got another late slot and ruined a Backstreet Boys classic. They were all over the place with their pitching, which isn’t a good thing for a ‘vocal harmony’ group.

This week they were given the opening slot they were due and performed Everything I Do (I had to look that up to remember). The performed during the strictly cross-over which put Kingsland Road in trouble last week and again their performance wasn’t memorable or impressive. I’m not sure who would actually vote to keep them in, they don’t appeal to teenage girls and I don’t really see them connecting with Middle England Mums (Daily Mail and Express readers). When I add that to the bad running order I have to back them for a bottom two appearance, which the producers would be happy with as it should bounce them into the tour ahead of Abi who it makes no sense to take on tour.

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Back Rough Copy Bottom Two at 3.75 – William Hill

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