X Factor Live Show 4

Miss Dynamix finally went last week, but the most interesting aspect of the show was the treatment of Abi. She was basically bullied a few days after they decided to change Halloween week to Disco week. This lead me to believe they want to keep Abi away from the bottom two in last weekend by getting her a sympathy vote. This would allow them to ditch Miss Dynamix and avoid a week four sympathy bounce for Abi, therefore making it easier to remove her this week. I commented last week how I would be taking anything over 2.50 on her going this week. When the market opened I took some 2.88 and then went in again at 3.50, as things stand the price I’m on at is around 3.26. That price is good enough for me as I do believe that she is ‘the target’ this week so I can’t see the price getting bigger before the flash vote.

There are some interesting song choices this week, which you can draw many different conclusions from;

Abi Alton – I Will Survive

On the face of it this is a ‘I’ve come out fighting’ song, but I’m a big believer of subliminal messages in the words of a song. The chorus of this one has Go on now, go, walk out the door, just turn around now ‘Cause you’re not welcome anymore. I don’t really see that going down too well with an early slot in the running order, red and black staging and a massive door in the background.

Abi’s best chance this week is if she can perform like the below video, she needs to a) sing well b) look at the camera. She needs to make a connection with the pubic again like  she did in her audition. She was seen as the quirky contestant who could grow into the competition, but Luke is out-quirkying her. She’s effectively becoming another Janet Devlin or Ella Henderson, ie; somebody who takes the life and soul out of every song.

However if she performs it like this she’ll do well, however I just can’t see it I think her confidence is gone and every Saturday night is now something she dreads.

[symple_box color=”green” text_align=”center” width=”100%” float=”none”]
Back Abi Alton Next Elimination at 3.25 – Betfred

Kingsland Road – Blame It On The Boogie

I was originally thinking that Kingsland would be in trouble this week, but after doing some research I found that Same Difference sang this song in 2007 from the pimp slot, got negative comments but topped the vote. I can see Kingsland Road being given the pimp slot this week in a bid to keep them safe, if Abi is the target, they’re coming down off a bounce so you’d expect them to be helped if the producers want them around.

Sam Callahan – Relight My Fire

At first thoughts this is a bad song for Sam, connotations of burning never go down well. You’s also think that he’d get flames in his staging, however Alexandra Burke sung this song from the death slot in 2008 and she didn’t do to badly.

My thinking is that they know Sam is currently safe due to his large social media following or Gary Barlow will slate him for singing it, therefore allowing Sam to make some cheeky comments. If he can get some banter going with Gary then this is a tactic that has been used to success in the past and kept acts safe. I personally don’t think he’s in danger this week, they’ll want to keep him around for a bit longer just due to his large following.

Rough Copy – September

I cannot think of a worse disco song for them! This song is fun and high pitched, Rough Copy are the opposite. My belief is that they don’t have a big following of voters. They are always performing in a way that goes against the demographic that they are aimed at. They were given late slots in the late slots in the first two weeks which may have built some support, but then having them open the show last week wouldn’t have added to it. With fellow Croydoner Hannah Barrett due a bounce I have them in danger. I don’t think they are likeable to people, they’ve had smooth ride through the live shows so far but with me expecting Kingsland Road to be pimped, Sam C having enough support and Hannah getting a bounce they could find themselves in the bottom two this week. What would be more pleasing if they are in a McNic Tamers sandwich.

[symple_box color=”green” text_align=”center” width=”100%” float=”none”]
Back Rough Copy Bottom Two at 4.50 – Ladbrokes

Of the others I can’t see any of them being in trouble this week.

Hannah Barrett

I would love to see Hannah fail to bounce and go home, as I like many people inside the M25 can’t stand her. However I think that she will bounce due the fact she seems to be liked outside of London.

Nicholas McDonald

According to Daily Star leaks, historically reliable, McNic has been topping the vote even though he’d had early slots and terrible songs. He’ll probably get another de-ramp this week but he’ll be safe.

Tamera Foster

Tamera is still the chosen one in my opinion, this week she sings about a star. After last weeks negative judges comments I think she’ll be praised tonight and if she comes on after Rough Copy she’ll really stand out.

Luke Friend

Luke is building momentum in a way that James Arthur did last year. He’s been given a helping hand with song choices, running order and comments so far, but he’s grabbed it with both hands and put in some decent performances. People also don’t assume that he is safe, therefore he should be able to mobilise people to vote for him. If he doesn’t jump around the stage like an ADHD child he could go far in this competition.

[symple_box color=”green” text_align=”center” width=”100%” float=”none”]
Back Luke Friend to be  Top Boy at 5.00 – BetVictor

Sam Bailey

Loved on Gogglebox and should be able to avoid the bottom two for at least another couple of weeks.


  1. Couldn’t agree with you more regarding Rough Copy’s song choice. Not a good song for them at all. If they start trying to sing falsetto harmonies they could become a laughing stock.

    • That’s the hope – I really don’t get what they are meant to be, they look like they want to be gangsters but then just seen like they’re choireboys. Basically they don’t appeal to any demo imo

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