X Factor Week 4 – End Of The Road


That is how my Saturday panned out, after originally being on Abi to go I jumped ship when she delivered the polished type of performance I was hoping for. It was a performance like that which made me back her in the outright market back in September.

So it transpired that Kingsland Road where the ones to go this week and I was happy enough with that after getting some 4.0 (3/1) and predicting that the #Callafans would be out in force. It looks obvious now, that Kingsland Road were never going to be the favored group, but I must admit it never clicked that when they changed their name from Kingsland to Kingsland Road (a deprived street in the east end) that it was reminiscent of ‘Biscuit Boy’ Craig Colton coming from Liverpool one week and Kirkby the next.

I think we’ve now seen the start of the Sam Callahan being the Rylan character of the series, or at least that’s the intention. Gary Barlow criticizing the public and putting Sam down will motivate voters, just so they can have a laugh at Gary’s face. Gary does remind me of somebody who was born middle-aged, whilst the other members of Take That were having fun he was in a darkened room penning the next song. Sam is a master of self promotion, he’s active on twitter and is able to get his fans to vote for him when he needs them. Whether he plays ball by being this years joke act is going to be interesting, he’s not a Rylan type joker, he actually takes his music seriously. It’s going to be an interesting narrative over the next few weeks.

Tamera found herself in the bottom tow this week, which confirmed she’s not liked. However I think that people should remember she’s a child. So she smoked some weed, pushed another girl and stole some makeup. If she is still wanted by the producers then I expect stories about how Hannah and/or Rough Copy are involved in South London gang crime, which set fire to a tacky furniture shop a couple of years back.

I was pleased that I took some of Luke Top boy at 5.0 (4/1) on Saturday as he has now gone down to 3.0 (2/1). He put in another great performance and is on a real ‘journey’ in this show. I’ll consider backing him again next week after McNic gets the pimp slot and praise in Big Band week, thus making his price go out.

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Back Nicholas McDonald To Sing Last on Saturday at 3.75 – BWin

My early thoughts on next week are that we’ll see a bottom two of Abi and Hannah. Hannah is coming down off a bounce and isn’t actually likeable at all. I’m expecting some well placed stories about how she was a ‘bratish’ child to hit the press from Thursday. Abi looks to have completed her journey, looking at her staging on Saturday she had a broken heart that was put back together when she completed her song. I don’t really see where-else they can go with her in this show, they know that if she stands up and sings without an instrument she won’t put in a performance. If that is the bottom two my instinct says they’ll ditch Hannah. Hopefully they’ll be some tempting prices out there on this when the markets start goign up later today.


  1. Agree Hannah’s likely to struggle for votes this weekend.
    I reached for my earplugs last weekend when she started screaming somebody else’s guy although the vocals improved later into the song.
    Then there was the reaction to being called safe when she jumped around like she had won the lotto.
    coming down off the bounce.
    maybe a target so Tamera can snap up Hannah’s votes.

    Not a lot of value for bottom 2 yet but I would be happy snapping up any odds around evens.
    The fear is big band week and she may end up doing a big Shirley Bassey belter and nail it.

  2. Thanks for your comments Andy, agree that she improved throughout last weeks song and it turned into a decent performance.

    I’m now wishing I’d taken the 5.5 that was available for her to go as I don’t see who who sh would be saved over, having already been in the bottom two she surely won’t be much use to the show if she hits again.

    Sam is now in the wind up Gary storyline and they know they can sink Abi whenever just by getting her to stand up and sing.

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