X-Factor Week 6 – No Satisfaction for Hannah

Last week I wrote that I fancied an Abi/Hannah bottom two combination, it transpired that that’s what happened however I didn’t back it. Instead I waited for the in-running betting to see what the producers plans were. Anyone that follows me on twitter would have seen that I backed Abi to go at 2.63 when Nicole announced that she was on 1st. I was then able to add Hannah to go at 5.00 when she started going “Brap, Brap and ting”.

That brings me on nicely to this week. I’ve said since the start that I can’t stand Hannah and that’s the same for the majority of other people inside the M25. I don’t know why she is like by people from Peterborough for example but everybody from my part of the world realises that she is the type of girl that you’d see hanging around West Croydon bus station, throwing chicken bones on the floor. The girls own mum doesn’t even like her and after she ruins Satisfaction this weekend it will be clear that nobody else does. I will say though this is the perfect song for her as she can’t get any satisfaction. her face always looks like she’s either been slapped with a wet fish or about to commit a robbery.

We can look at history and say Hannah might bounce, her vote might increase, but can it increase enough for her to escape the bottom two for a third time? I really doubt it. Tamera is coming down of a sympathy bounce, however I think that even though Tamera isn’t likeable they’d still keep her over Hannah.

Luke and Rough Copy could also find themselves in ‘danger’ this week btu both of them would be saved over Hannah and as neither of them have hit the bottom two so far we can safely say that Hannah will poll below them. Sam Bailey and Nicholas look safe as houses for the time being.

So that leaves Sam Callahan, another contestant who has never been in the bottom two. This week he has Faith by George Michael, expect to see a guitar, leather and hip thrusting. It’s a really good song for Sam and I think he’ll be able to avoid the bottom two for another week. Sam is a master of social media, he spends a lot of time on twitter motivating his ‘Callafan Army’ to vote for him. Even if he does find himself in the bottom two I think he’d be saved against Hannah. The ‘shock’ would generate some media attention with the Gary/Sam C storyline developing a little further. However the other side of that coin is that keeping Sam is exactly what the public would want, they’d probably send it to deadlock with Hannah going just to prove that they did the right thing and gave the public what they wanted.

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Back Hannah Barrett Next Elimination at 2.38 – General

My side thought for this week is ‘What are they doing with Tamera?’

We have a 16 year old girl, who’s not likeable because she did things that ALL other teenage girls do, yet no reference is made to how young she is throughout the show like they do with Nicholas and Hannah. They then dress her up like a Jane McDonald and give her awful song choices. This week they have given her 1971 classic Diamonds Are Forever by Shirley Bassey. Now this is a good song for sombody like Sam Bailey but this is BEST OF BRITISH week and Tamera is 16 year old girl. She was born 26 years after this song was released!! She should be singing something that was written after she was born, Spice Girls, Adele, Lily Allen would have been more appropriate and demographic pleasing, Even Football’s coming home would have been better. Looking back at her song choices, comments and the way she’s been dealt with in the press it looks like the producers gave up with her before the live shows even started.

Year after year we’re told that the show is just a popularity contest and that the best singer doesn’t win, we then get stories in the press about how the likes of Ella Henderson and Janet Devlin were just ‘too good’ for the show. This year we have a girl who is actually supremely talented but because she’s not liked she shouldn’t win the show.  That just goes to show the hypocrisy of the British media and general voting public.

But it’s that hypocrisy which makes the 8.00 (7/1) on the Hannah/Tamera Bottom Two Combination attractive.

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Back Hannah/Tamera Bottom Two Combo at 8.00 – BWin

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