Mayweather vs Maidana

May 3rd at the MGM Grand, Floyd Mayweather will be stepping in the ring with hard hitting Argentinian Marcos Maidana.

I wanted to write a blog on how Maidana can beat Floyd. I wanted to breakdown the fight and look at Maidana’s strengths, his punch power, his resilience, his chin, his punch output, and explore the ways in which he can add the first loss to Mayweather’s record. But the reality is he has absolutely no chance, none. I can’t even bring myself to give him a “punchers chance” because that assumes that he will land a punch!

The reality is this will be an easy nights work for Mayweather. Floyd knows it, and the bookies definitely know it with Bet 365 listing Mayweather as a 1/12 shot. And that is generous!

When Mayweather took this fight all the talk was around two possible opponents, Marcos Maidana or Amir Khan. Mayweather played both fighters off against each other, establishing numerous fan polls demanding that the public should play a part in selecting his next opponent. Mayweather is now bigger than boxing, the usual rules of mandatories do not not apply. Fighting Mayweather has become more than simply a shot at a title, it has become a chance to step in the ring with one of the greatest fighters thats ever lived, it is also a chance for a HUGE payday, even with a loss.

In reality the Khan fight was never going to happen for a number of reasons. Firstly and perhaps most important, there was absolutely no way to justify the fight other than money. Khan in no way whatsoever deserved the fight. The one criticism Mayweather has had in his career is that he has hand picked opponents at the right time for him, which hasn’t always been when the boxing world has wanted. If Mayweather had chosen Khan though, he would have been slaughtered by most boxing writers, fans (other than Khans), and the media. Secondly he knows that if Khan can win his next 1 or 2 fights and bring his profile back to that of a serious challenger, the fight has the potential to set new PPV records and be the most lucrative fight of all time….and Mayweather knows that. Like him or not, Khan has a huge global fan base.

Mayweather instead made the right choice in choosing Maidana, a fighter who Khan has beat, but has been more impressive in his recent fights and is fighting Mayweather off the back of 4 straight victories including an upset win over much hyped Adrien Broner. That being said I go back to my first statement, he has no chance against Floyd.

His style is tailor made for Floyd, he is a flat footed fighter that comes forward swinging looping punches always looking for the knockout, a style that has served him well knocking out 31 of his 38 opponents with 35 victories. Floyd will have a simple game plan for this, back up, shoulder roll, counter right, move ….repeat. He is simply too elusive and too hard to hit, the only fighters that have really ever pushed Floyd are those with some speed Oscar De la Hoya, Zab Judah, Shane Mosely for example.

My prediction for this fight is simple, Floyd points victory 120 – 108….complete shut out. That being said that won’t be the points score, in reality the judges will give Maidana 3 maybe 4 rounds purely for his come forward aggressive style. Like Floyd’s last fight against Saul Alvarez, the judges seem to look for reasons to not give every round to Floyd. For the purest it will be another masterful performance by Floyd, a lesson in defence and counter punching.

I know where my moneys going, Mayweather by decision at 4/7.


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  1. I wanted to place a bet earlier last year on Mayweather to retire undefeated but couldn’t find a bookie with the price.
    Still stand by that though. He wont be beaten now, he’s too smart with his fight selection and too good a boxer.
    If Pacquiao had been given a genuine shot in his prime it might have been different, but I cant see any of the contenders beating him.
    Mayweather decision @ 4/7 is money in the bank. He’s like the Frankel of boxing!

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