Premier League | 23rd September 2017

The mid-week football action was excellent for the Cheeky Nando’s boys, unless they backed Real Madrid of course. There’s no such thing as free money in this game. For me it’s all about long term value and grinding out a… Continue Reading

Premier League | 5th February 2017

[symple_heading type=”h2″ title=”Manchester City v Swansea” margin_top=”20px;” margin_bottom=”20px” text_align=”left”] Football is a game that is decided by so few chances and that’s why looking at longer term trends and bigger data sets is beneficial for betting purposes. If we take… Continue Reading

Premier League | 26th December 2016

[symple_heading type=”h2″ title=”Watford v Crystal Palace” margin_top=”20px;” margin_bottom=”20px” text_align=”left”] BACK WATFORD -1 ASIAN HANDICAP at 4.30 (888 Sport) [symple_heading type=”h2″ title=”Arsenal v West Brom” margin_top=”20px;” margin_bottom=”20px” text_align=”left”] BACK WEST BROM +1 ASIAN HANDICAP at 2.75 (888 Sport)   [symple_heading type=”h2″… Continue Reading

Premier League – Boxing Day 2015

Starting Bank:£5,000 | Running Total:£5414.58 | RoI/RoT:+5.81%| RoC:+8.29% Level Stakes Profit/Loss to 1 Point: +3.99 [symple_heading type=”h2″ title=”Liverpool v Leicester City” margin_top=”20px;” margin_bottom=”20px” text_align=”left”] I’m getting a little bit bored of writing the same things about Leicester City each week, what I… Continue Reading

Southampton v Swansea

Starting Bank:£5,000 | Running Total:£4,414.10 | RoI/RoT:-15.94%| RoC:-11.71% Level Stakes Profit/Loss to 1 Point: +0.64 Last weekend a few people questioned my sanity when I placed over 10% of my bank on Southampton 0 Asian Handicap v Manchester United, basically draw… Continue Reading

Premier League – Saturday 8th August 2015

Starting Bank:£5,000 | Running Total:£5,000 | RoI/RoT: 0% | RoC:0% [symple_heading type=”h2″ title=”Leicester City v Sunderland” margin_top=”20px;” margin_bottom=”20px” text_align=”left”]Many people have tipped Leicester to be relegated this season, however I believe that their squad is stronger than the one they… Continue Reading